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Rheumatic Heart Disease


Rheumatic fever is an acute inflammatory disease principally of children but also of adult that usually followed a Pharyngeal infection.

Antibodies formed against Beta hemolytic streptococci cross react with tissue of body especially of Heart 🫀

Q:Rheumatic heart disease complications?

Several implications are likely with rheumatic heart disease (RHD), including:

1: Heart failure: RHD may harm the heart valves, prohibiting them from performing as they should. Shortness of breathing, tiredness, and swelling in the legs and ankles can result from this, which can also result in an enlarged heart and heart failure.


2: Arrhythmias: RHD can result in erratic heartbeats or arrhythmias, which might make you feel faint, sleepy, or confused.

3: Stroke: In a few instances, RHD can lead to the growth of blood clots in the heart that can spread to the brain and result in a stroke.

4: Endocarditis: RHD can raise the danger of bacterial heart valve infections, which may give rise to endocarditis. Fever, chills, exhaustion, and other symptoms may result from this.

RHD may harm the pulmonary arteries and result in pulmonary hypertension.

rheumatic heart disease

Q:what causes rheumatic heart disease?


👉due to beta hemolytic streptococci


➡️ involved organs

👉 connective tissue of heart 🫀

👉 joint 🦵💪


👉 blood vessels

👉lungs 🫁🫁


➡️ Clinical features

▶️🫀 Carditis about 40-60% of patient have evidence of Carditis

👉 Shortness of breath

👉 palpitation

👉chest pain

👉 edema

👉 cardiac murmur

👉heart failure


▶️Poly arthritis it is present as many as 75% of cases

👉most effecting larg joint e.g knee 🦵 elbow💪 ankles and wrist joint are painful and tender on touching swollen Red and hot


▶️ cholera

👉cholera develop in 110% of cases

▶️ Erythema margination

👉skin rashe will present on body of some patient

Q: rheumatic heart disease diagnosis?

➡️ Investigation

👉ASOT (antistreptolysin-o-Titre)

👉Throat swab culture maybe positive

👉ESR raised

👉TLC raised

👉Ecg with prolong PR internal

👉Chest xray


rheumatic heart disease

Q: rheumatic heart disease treatment?

➡️ General Treatment

👉 complete bed rest

👉 proper nutrition

👉 symptomatic treatment for vomting , tension, cardiac failure


➡️ Specific Treatment

👉Tab Asprin 100mg /kg/day to reduce fever and relive joints pain and swelling it give as following dose

1st week 3+3+ 3

2nd week 2+2+2

3rd week 2+2

Gradually decrease dose according to response of patient



👉 Corticosteroids Tab prednisolone use in patient with Carditis Or in patient who no response to Asprin

Tab prednisolone 1st week 3+3+3

2nd week 2+2+2


👉Amoxil or Erythrosine for Eradicate infection

👉Cap Risek or Contour 40mg are use for stomach upset due to Asprin and prednisolone

Q: rheumatic heart disease prevention

➡️ Prevention

👉inj Benzathin penicillin (ATD) IM monthly

👉inj penicillin allergic patient Erythromycin can be used


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