What is hypertension to heart failure in 2023?


Today topic is Hypertension to congestive heart failure.

Blood pressure more than 140/90 on two separate occasions is called hypertension.

What's is hypertension meaning in Urdu?

blood pressure is a medical condition characterized by high blood pressure. In Urdu, it is commonly referred to as "بلند فشار خون" or "بلڈ پریشر کی بیماری". 

  What is hypertension guidelines 2022?

blood pressure guidelines will largely follow the current guidelines, with some minor updates and changes.

 One of the major updates will be a greater emphasis on personalized treatment plans for patients with high blood pressure, taking into account factors such as age, sex, ethnicity, comorbidities, and other individual characteristics.

There will also be a greater focus on using technology to monitor and manage hypertension, such as remote patient monitoring and mobile health apps.

The 2022 high blood pressure guidelines will continue to emphasize the importance of lifestyle modifications, including exercise, weight loss, and a healthy diet, as the first line of treatment for hypertension.

Pharmacologic therapy will be recommended for patients with stage 1 and stage 2 hypertension, with a preference for medications that have been shown to reduce cardiovascular events and mortality.

 However, it's always best to consult with a healthcare professional for personalized advice and recommendations on managing high blood pressure.

hypertension to heart failure

Types of high blood pressure

1👉Primary hypertension 95% when causes of high blood pressure is not know but Risk factors include the following.

👉 Obesity (body mass index)

👉lack of activity🏃🏻‍♂🏃🏻‍♂

👉smoking 🚬🚬 (heart disease stroke)

👉positive family history👨👩👦👦👨👩👦👦


👉Tension 🙇‍♂🙇‍♂ (dizionario inglese Italiano)

2👉Secondary Hypertension 5%cause can be found causes include following.

👉Renal failure (kidney failure)

👉Renal artery stenosis

👉Gestational high blood pressure 🤰🤰

👉corticosteroid 💊💉


👉Hyperthyroidism (overactive thyroid)

👉Cushing disease

Stage of Hypertension

👉prehypertension 130/85 >> 140/90

👉Mild (I)stage high blood pressure 140/90 >> 160/100

👉moderate (II)Stage hypertension 160/100>>180/110

👉Sever (III)stage high blood pressure systolic more than 180

Diastolic more than 110 180/110

symptom of high blood pressure

👉 usually Hypertension is symptom free

👉Headache (pain in the head)

👉irritability (living organisms)

👉it may present with one or more complications like stroke. MI. impaired vision, hypertensive encephalopathy.

Investigation of high blood pressure

👉chest Xray

👉ECG (electrocardiogram)



👉lipid profile

👉blood urea and citrinin

👉Us Abd

👉pulse Rate


👉for stroke MRI or CT scan

hypertension to heart failure

General Treatment for hypertension

👉Avoid smoking. inactivity. obesity

👉do regular exercise

👉Avoid NSAD steroid and salt

👉Treatment of Hyperthyroidism is needed in primary HTN

👉Treatment of complications if present like MI, stroke.


👉when patient has D.M or organ damage drug should be start even in pre HTN

👉when a person in stage I HTN and have no organ damage then drug usually not started in stage I and is treat no pharmacology

👉in stage I and stage II HTN need anti-hypertensive to control Bp

Specific Treatment for high blood pressure

👉Beta blocker drug >Tabindral 


Beta blockers contraindicate in Asthma   D.M   and Heart failure. 


👉calcium channel blocker >Tab safvasc


👉ACEI (angiotensin converting enzyme inhibitor

Tab capoten



Tab Lasix or inj for emergency


👉Angiotensin Receptor blocker (ARBs)

Tab eziday

👉👉HTN drug in pregnancy 🤰🤰

Tab aldomet 250mg 1×bd

Treatment Option (drug of choice)

👉HTN+D.M Drug of choice is ACEi > Tab capoten   >>beta blocker is not use

👉HTN+Angina drug of choice is Beta blocker Tab Inderal or Tab tenormin

👉HTN+obesity drug of choice Diuretic Tab Lasix  other ACEI and beta blocker

👉HTN+anxiety drug of choice Beta blocker Tab Inderal

👉HTN +migraine drug of choice Beta blocker Tab Inderal

👉HTN +hyperthyroidism drug of choice  is beta blocker Tab Inderal or Tab Tenormin

👉HTN +Asthma only beta blocker is not use other all use ACEI Tab capoten and Dunitic Tab  lasix

👉HTN +🤰🤰pregnancy drug of choice  Aldomet

👉HTN +cardiac failure drug of choice is Diuretic Lasix and ACEI capoten

Emergency Treatment of HTN

👉when bp is very high e.g diastolic 125 but have no organ damage it should be lowered within a day

👉when Bp is very high e.g diastolic is 125 and have organ damage have severe  headache  vomiting   . diplopia. impaired consciousness   then bp should be lowered in Houre.

👉Bp should not be lowered suddenly because sadden drop of bp may give damage to brain   kidney    eyes    heart  

following drug use in emergency

👉infusion sodium nitroprusside (nephrite)


👉inf nitroglycerine (isoket)


👉inj Lasix


👉 inj labetalol


complication of HTN

👉ischemic heart disease



👉 heart failure

👉Hypertensive nephropathy

👉hypertensive retinopathy


👉Subarachnoid hemorrhage

👉hypertensive encephalopathy



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