what is cirrhosis | cirrhosis of the liver?

Liver cirrhosis | cirrhosis of the liver

It is an irreversible inflammatory disease-causing disturbance of liver structure and function

There is necrosis (death) of liver cells followed by fibrosis and nodule formation.


liver cirrhosis meaning?

Cirrhosis is the serious scarring of the liver and helpless liver capacity seen at the terminal phases of persistent liver illness . The scarring is most frequently brought about by long-haul openness to poisons like liquor or viral diseases. The liver is situated in the upper right half of the midsection beneath the ribs. It has numerous fundamental body capacities. These include:

Liver cirrhosis |  cirrhosis of the liver

Liver cirrhosis |  cirrhosis of the liver

 liver cirrhosis meaning in Hindi

delivering bile, which assists your body with retaining dietary fats, cholesterol, and nutrients A, D, E, and K

Liver cirrhosis |  cirrhosis of the liver

Liver cirrhosis |  cirrhosis of the liver

putting away sugar and nutrients for later use by the body

filtering the blood by eliminating poisons like liquor and microorganisms from your framework

making blood thickening proteins.

➡️ Causes of cirrhosis of the liver

A wide scope of infections and conditions can harm the liver and lead to cirrhosis.

liver cirrhosis is essentially when you have fibrosis scarring and liver dysfunction.

this can cause a blocked blood flow through the liver amongst other things which will essentially result in an abnormal liver function liver cells will also die resulting in the liberty shrink cirrhosis can not be cured and will eventually result in death unless of course transplantation is performed which is still pretty dangerous there are many causes of liver cirrhosis the main one first is from alcoholic liver disease also known or alcohol steatohepatitis so it's basically when you have long term or when you drink alcohol for long for a long time and this will result in a lot of fat in the liver which will lead to cirrhosis and astonishing ten to twenty percent of alcoholics will be affected.

Liver cirrhosis |  cirrhosis of the liver

Liver cirrhosis |  cirrhosis of the liver

with cirrhosis, it's characterized by steatosis inflammation and fibrosis aspartate transferase and alanine transferase enzymes the activities are increased in the plasma.

which is not normal it's supposed to be in the liver symptoms of the alcoholic fatty liver disease including fever hepatomegaly enlarged liver and jaundice yellowing of the skin another major cause of liver cirrhosis is non-alcoholic fatty liver disease or non-alcohol steatohepatitis this is caused mostly by bad diet.

long term a big contributor to this disease is a metabolic syndrome which is characterized by having three of either diabetes obesity hypertension dyslipidemia and glucose tolerance it can also be caused by some um it's characterized by steatosis.

which is fatty liver inflammation hepatitis and potentially fibrosis cirrhosis liver cirrhosis takes much longer to develop in non-alcoholic fatty liver disease than an alcoholic fatty liver disease so we can see why alcohol is very bad for you in this respect to learn more about this fatty liver disease.

 I'll provide a link to other causes of cirrhosis including hepatitis C virus but usually for more than six months to indicate that that is chronic this is a virus hepatitis C virus that is transmitted can be transmitted by blood from blood-to-blood contact it is.

it also tends to be asymptomatic for ages so silent acute hepatitis C virus infections can cause hepatitis inflammation of the liver chronic hepatitis C virus infection can cause fibrosis and liver cirrhosis now we would diagnose this hepatitis C virus with hepatitis C virus antibodies or by detecting hepatitis C virus RNA.

we cannot detect the antigen of hepatitis C virus which makes diagnosis complicated there is no vaccine against hepatitis C virus and so to treat this hepatitis C virus infection we would use interferons which slows or prevents the progression of the infection another cause of cirrhosis that is similar yet different and deadly is hepatitis B virus and usually this and usually the infection has to be more than 6 months to indicate that it's chronic and to progress to cirrhosis now hepatitis B virus is transmitted by

blood sex through semen or vagina acute infection is characterized by hepatitis jaundice and vomiting chronic can cause cirrhosis and even hepatocellular.

which is cancer of the liver there is a vaccine available for hepatitis B virus which is very good to prevent this deadly infection however once the infection has occurred we would diagnose it with hepatitis of hepatitis B surface antigen in the blood and treat it with interference.

A portion of the causes include:

  • 1: πŸ‘‰ HepatitisB,C,D
  • 2: πŸ‘‰ Smoking
  • 3: πŸ‘‰ Alcohol
  • 4: πŸ‘‰ metabolic disease
  • 5: πŸ‘‰Biliary obstruction
  • 6: πŸ‘‰ Drugs: - (Methyldopa, Isoniazid, Methotrexate
  • 7: πŸ‘‰ A wide scope of infections and conditions can harm the liver and lead to cirrhosis.
  • 8: πŸ‘‰ Acquired issues of sugar digestion (galactosemia or glycogen stockpiling illness)
  • 9: πŸ‘‰ Acquired issues of sugar digestion (galactosemia or glycogen stockpiling illness)
  • 10: πŸ‘‰ Liver infection brought about by your body's safe framework (immune system hepatitis)
  • 11: πŸ‘‰ Solidifying and scarring of the bile channels (essential sclerosing cholangitis
  • 12: πŸ‘‰ Constant liquor misuse
  • 13: πŸ‘‰ Iron development in the body (hemochromatosis)
  • 14: πŸ‘‰ Copper collected in the liver (Wilson's illness)
  • 15: πŸ‘‰ Solidifying and scarring of the bile channels (essential sclerosing cholangitis
  • 16: πŸ‘‰ Disease, like syphilis or brucellosis

3 Physical and Lab Findings of Liver Cirrhosis

I'm going to go over with you some of the physical findings and laboratory findings often associated.

with cirrhosis let's first talk about physical signs of cirrhosis. the easiest way to think about this is to group it

into two distinct groups, the first is physical signs due to portal hypertension and the second is physical signs due to liver failure let's focus on those associated with portal hypertension.

first, remember that cirrhosis the liver becomes fibrotic and scarred the result of this is that portal venous flow experiences higher resistance,

 which results in higher pressures in the portal venous system think of it as a plumbing problem there's a clog or

delivery is that.

so everything draining into it or the border system backs up the most common physical findings of this include splenomegaly or big spleen and ascites.

where fluid in the belly from venous blood backing up into the spleen and bowel vasculature respectively there are other complications of portal hypertension such as esophageal varices, but these are internal and not visible without invasive imaging of the physical signs.

 you see associated with liver failure include that from direct liver damage or mechanisms are more indirect for example jaundice or essentially looking yellow is a common sign and is a result of bilirubin leaking out into the blood from liver cells due to liver damage, and liver failure deliver does not function as well, as it can and as a result, it can't break down as most estrogen as it normally can the result of this are numerous physical signs do to increase estrogen in the blood.

this includes spider angiomas which are vascular lesions most often seen around the chest and face remember that these blanch or lose their color momentarily when you press down on the other physical signs of increased estrogen including palmar erythema in which your palms look red mastiha and testicular atrophy and males similarly deliver also breaks down ammonia.

so we have liver failure ammonia builds up in the blood and this can lead to encephalopathy or some type of ultra mental status other physical science, whose explanation is not as clear include caries nails marks lines and clubbing often got Terry's nails and more ex-lines confused but Terry's nails are when the nail bed itself.

becomes whiter and marks lines are white lines going across the nails patients with liver failure are also noted to have a funny smelling breath called the tour hepaticus.

 this is thought to be due to either buildup ammonia or ketones in a breath if you are able to feel deliver can Auto be enlarged or shrunken and nodular early on in cirrhosis. it is more likely to be larger but will be more likely to be shrunken later on in its course now that we talked about the physical signs of liver cirrhosis let's talk about some of the common laboratory findings that you might find, let's go through this one by one in at CBC sections patients often have thrombocytopenia due to platelets getting stuck in the enlarged spleen patients can also have neutropenia as well as anemia because of a combination, of poor nutrition and hypersplenism but thrombocytopenia is more of the classic sign in a BMP section patients can have hypervolemic hyponatremia.

but is very common for them to have other electrolyte abnormalities in the LT section the bully Reuben is often elevated which is a sign of direct cellular damage. the albumin is also often low and as a result, the total protein is often seen to below as well as alt, as well as AOP, can all be elevated in liver cirrhosis, but these can be variable and aren't as great of signs as high bilirubin decreased albumin and decrease total protein in eco egg section the PT can be elevated.

a hundred markers such as INR a PTT fibrinogen and d-dimer can also be abnormal but generally, PT is the best of the bunch that's it for theatricals. but here's a nice quick review of what we just went over here are some common physical signs, that you might see in liver cirrhosis Palmer erythema Terry's nails ascites spider angiomas jaundice spinal megalin marks lines and clubbing, and lastly.

here are some laboratory abnormalities that you might see in patients with liver cirrhosis, there can be a lot of abnormal values but generally, the ones that are slightly better than the rest include low platelets low sodium high bilirubin low albumin low total protein, and increased PT.

➡️ Clinical features for cirrhosis of the liver

πŸ‘‰Portal hypertension the blood during portal circulation passing from stomach, Intestine, spleen, etc is brought to the liver by the portal circulation

The blood pressure increases in portal circulation in liver cirrhosis.

This is called portal hypertension.

  • 1: πŸ‘‰ Blood in vomiting 1
  • 2: πŸ‘‰ blood in stool
  • 3: πŸ‘‰spleenomegaly (Enlargement of the spleen)
  • 4: πŸ‘‰ Accumulation of fluids in the peritoneal cavity
  • 5: πŸ‘‰ impaired hepatic function: - hepatic encephalopathy ammonia is converted into urea by the liver and excreted through the kidney
  • If the liver fails to detoxify so its level will increase in the body and produces toxic effects on the brain
  • Jaundice liver fails to remove bilirubin from body, bleeding tendency when the liver fails so clothing factors will not from which will lead to epistaxis.
  • 6: πŸ‘‰Hormonal disorder in males will cause loss of hairs and decrease libido impotency
  • 7: πŸ‘‰ While in females' loss of menses (amenorrhea)
  • 8: πŸ‘‰ Decrease heart size

➡️ investigation of cirrhosis of the liver

  • 1: πŸ‘‰cause of cirrhosis
  • 2: πŸ‘‰ complications of cirrhosis
  • 3: πŸ‘‰LFts
  • 4: πŸ‘‰HCV
  • 5: πŸ‘‰HBs ag
  • 6: πŸ‘‰ ultrasound abd
  • 7: πŸ‘‰ Endoscopy to know the presence of esophageal varices

diannostic of  cirrhosis of the liver

Liver cirrhosis | cirrhosis of the liver


➡️ Treatment for cirrhosis of the liver

πŸ‘‰There is no specific treatment Except the liver transplantation

πŸ‘‰ Treatment of complication

➡️Prevention for cirrhosis of the liver

Lessen your danger of cirrhosis by finding a way these ways to really focus on your liver:


Try not to drink liquor in the event that you have cirrhosis. Assuming you have a liver infection, you ought to stay away from liquor.

Eat a solid eating routine. Pick a plant-based eating routine that is brimming with the products of the soil. choose total grains and bend over wellsprings of protein. Decrease how much greasy and seared food sources you eat.

Keep a sound weight. An excess measure of influence on fat relation can harm your liver. Converse with your PCP about a weight-reduction plan assuming you are hefty or overweight.

Lessen your danger of hepatitis. distribution unprovoked and having undefended sex can build your danger of hepatitis B and C. Get some information about hepatitis inoculations.

Assuming that you're worried about your danger of liver cirrhosis, converse with your PCP about ways you can lessen your danger.

Don't lose hope, Avail the best treatment for Liver Cirrhosis & live a normal life again.

today in brief I'm going to talk to you about a condition called liver cirrhosis it's very often that you might.

have heard about this entity but not while quite significantly understanding.

what it means liver cirrhosis in very simple terms means the liver is getting scarred and liver is getting hard. this is what liver cirrhosis means what are the common reasons why a patient develops liver losses is number one.

excessive consumption of significant quantities of alcohol number two would be fatty liver in those people who have.

who is having obesity in those people having uncontrolled diabetes hypertension sedentary lifestyle cholesterol levels are through the roof? these people develop fatty liver, and they can develop liver cirrhosis number?

three reasons can be hepatitis that is viral hepatitis in viral hepatitis you have chronic hepatitis b chronic.

hepatitis c can in the future develop liver cell horses and there are other conditions like autoimmune hepatitis and Wilson's disease and various other conditions in which the liver can get progressively scarred which is what we call liver cell horses now liver cirrhosis in itself doesn't mean a death sentence there are various treatment modalities available for liver cirrhosis what we need to understand that liver cirrhosis broadly comes into two categories number one is called compensated liver cirrhosis and one stage is called decompensated liver cirrhosis now what is compensated.

Where in the liver is actually having scarring but the liver is still able to do all its functions that means a person to look wise is not going to look sick. but on his investigations the treating a hepatologist is going to say that he has liver scarring this is a very important stage, why because the entire aspect of treatment of this stage is to prevent the liver from failing. and also, we need to take all the steps to control why the disease actually happened in the liver so that we can prevent further worsening of the liver disease.

 this is called the compensated stage wherein the liver is working but scarred what is the decompensated stage. wherein now the liver is not able to perform its functions in this what symptoms you're going to see is in the feet you're going to see swelling which we call swelling in the legs or pedal edema.

the swelling is going to ascend into the belly you're going to see big bellies the belly is filled with fluid which is called esitis the patient is going to note that the urine is turning more yellow the white part of his eyes is turning yellow what, we call as jaundice the patient relatives will notice that the patient is not sleeping in the night is sleeping more in the daytime is behaving very fatigued in late changes.

 it can also lead to what we call liver coma or hepatic encephalopathy all these myriad symptoms are called decompensated liver cirrhosis decompensated liver-stage, wherein the liver now is not able to manage the functions of the body in decompensated stage the main aspect of treatment is going to control all these symptoms.

you're treating hepatologist is going to give you very good treatment to control the fluid in the excessive fluid in the body.

 jaundice the various symptoms like bloating sensation in digestion so that all these symptoms can be well controlled a very important key point to understand is that why the liver actually develops losses has to be treated for example if the person was having hepatitis b a very good treatment for hepatitis b can the progression of liver disease and the patient can become very stable in fact go from decompensated back to the compensated stage it is not right.

that every patient with cirrhosis will require a transplant with very good medical treatment and defining, why the liver actually had the liver scarring you can in some patients actually avoid a future transplant but yes in the vast majority if your hepatologist.

actually, feels that the liver scarring is way too much or in your liver because of cirrhosis if this development of liver cancer there might be a need for a liver transplant, but all you need to understand that catching the diagnosis and very good treatment for liver roses can actually protect from various complications not only of liver failure but also of multiple extrahepatic other than liver organ failures.

the end!

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