Common Fungal Infection

what is Common Fungal infection


The occurrence of parasitic contaminations is expanding at a disturbing rate, introducing a gigantic test to medical care experts. This increment is straightforwardly identified with the developing populace of immunocompromised people, coming about because of changes in clinical practice like the utilization of serious chemotherapy and immunosuppressive medications. 

HIV and different illnesses which cause immunosuppression to have additionally added to this issue. Shallow and subcutaneous parasitic contaminations influence the skin, keratinous tissues, and mucous layers. Remembered for this class are the absolute most of the time happening skin infections, influencing a great many individuals around the world.

 Albeit seldom perilous, they can effectively affect an individual's personal satisfaction and may in certain conditions spread to others or become intrusive.

 Generally, shallow and subcutaneous contagious contaminations are handily analyzed and promptly manageable to treatment. Foundational parasitic diseases might be brought about by either a deft creature that taints an in danger have or might be related with a more obtrusive life form that is endemic to a particular geological region.


Common Fungal Infection
Common Fungal Infection

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Common Fungal Infection
Common Fungal Infection
Common Fungal Infection
Common Fungal Infection
Common Fungal Infection
Common Fungal Infection
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Common Fungal Infection
Common Fungal Infection

 Fundamental diseases can be hazardous and are related to high horribleness and mortality. Since finding is troublesome and the causative specialist is regularly affirmed distinctly at post-mortem, the specific frequency of fundamental contaminations is hard to decide. The most oftentimes experienced microorganisms are Candida albicans and Aspergillus spp. be that as it may, different growths, for example, non-albicans Candida spp. are progressively significant.

Types of Common Fungal Infection

3,👉systemic fungal infection 


 1 Tinea (Dermatophytes)

  • it is the fungal infection of the skin , Hairs or nails  it maybe 👇
  • 👉Tinea capits
  • fungal infection of the scalp
  • 👉Tinea barbe
  • fungal infection of the beard area
  • 👉Tinea pedis
  • fungal infection of the interdigital area
  • 👉Tinea cruise
  • fungal infection of the fold body e.g groin area
  • 👉Tinea versicular
  • fungal infection of trunk or limb

sign symptom of Dermatophytes

  • 👉ring shaped rash
  • 👉itching
  • 👉redness
  • 👉slightly raised
  • 👉lesions
  • ️2 Candidiasis


  • 👉Oral candidiasis
  • fungal infection of the oral mucosa is called oral candidiasis


Sign symptom of oral candidiasis

  • 👉white patches of inner tongue
  • 👉Redness and soreness of the tongue
  • 👉lose tast
  • 👉pain while eating
  • 👉cracking and redness of the tongue
  • 👉Vaginal candidiasis
  • fungal infection of the veginal mucosa is known as vaginal condidiasis

sign symptom of vaginal candidiasis

  1. 👉itching and irritation in the vagina and vulva
  3. 👉burning sensation during intercourse and during urinating
  5. 👉Redness and swelling of the vulva
  7. 👉 vaginal pain and soreness
  8. ️3 Systemic fungal infection
  9. 👉fungal pneumonia
  10. 👉fungal meningitis


  • 👉Specimen is collected from the infected skin and seen under microscope.
  • 👉investigation of predisposing factors e.g
  • D.M, poor health, steroid use, antibiotic use


General Treatment

👉control predisposing factors e.g D.M ,stop use of antibiotic and steroid


👉improve diet


Specific Treatment of oral Candias's

  • 👉Nilstate oral drop
  • or
  • 👉Daktrin oral gel
  • or Kenalog past

Specific Treatment of vaginal candidiasis

👉Clozox tab or cream

👉Dektrain veginal cram


specific Treatment of local skin

  • 👉Clozox  cream
  • Or
  • 👉Dermovate NN ointment
  • or
  • 👉Travocort skin cream
  • or
  • 👉Nizoral cream


specific treatment fungal infection of the ear

👉Dermosporin ear solution


👉Xcomb eardrop


👉kenacomb cream


Treatment for system or severe local infection

👉Grisovin 500mg 1×od


👉Nizoral 200mg 1×od, pak

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