Acute Cholelcystitis Symptoms & Causes

 Acute Cholecystitis inflammation of the gall bladder is called acute Cholecystitis 

Acute Cholecystitis

Cholecystitis is irritation of the gallbladder that happens most generally on account of a check of the cystic pipe by gallstones emerging from the gallbladder (cholelithiasis).
 Simple cholecystitis has an incredible visualization; the improvement of inconveniences, for example, hole or gangrene delivers the guess less good.
Acute Cholelcystitis Symptoms & Causes
Acute Cholecystitis

️Causes of Acute Cholecystitis 

  • 1: Usually due to blockage of cystic duct by a gallstone
  • 2: Bacteria Attack usually E.Coli , Klebsiella etc 

️sign symptom

  • A:Pain at RHC (Right hypochondrium )
  • B: pain increase with movement and breathing
  • C: pain decrease with Analgesics
  • D: nausea
  • E:vomting
  • F:Loss of appetite 

️Confirmatory signs

👉Tenderness in RHC


(1) Murphy's Sign

the patient suddenly stops breathing when you have placed your thumb (2) on his /her RHC (Gall bladder point) This is called Murphy's sign and is a sign of cholecystitis 

Acute Cholelcystitis Symptoms & Causes
Acute Cholecystitis

️Investigation of Acute Cholelcystitis Symptoms & Causes

  • 1; U/S Abd show gall stone
  • 2; Blood CP: -TLC is usually High than normal
  • 3; LFTs Raised serum ALT, AST 'and Alkaline phosphates
  • 4; HIDS scan: - indicate gastric duct obstruction


  • 👉Rupture of gall bladder
  • 👉Gangrene
  • 👉pyocele (puss in gallbladder) 

Acute Cholelcystitis Symptoms & Causes
Acute Cholecystitis

️Treatment of Acute Cholecystitis 

  • 👉 Aspiration, Analgesics, Antibiotic (3A)
  • 👉Keep NBM
  • 👉;pass iv line give Analgesic e.g Tordal or Tramal or Anafortan or Nelbin + inj Gravitate
  •  👉Stat iv Antibiotic usually  inj Velosef 500mg or 1g +inf Flagyl👉; start iv fluid
  •  👉; Pass N/G tube and Aspirate Stomach 👉; when inflammation relieves then cholecystectomy should be done

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